Pride Of Kutch - Ajrakh

According to popular beliefs in the region of Kutch from where the 400+ year old craft originated, Ajrakh means “keep it today.” The craft is executed in a 16-step process of washing, dyeing, printing, and drying, with one step being performed in one day and the fabric being put to rest for the day. The ingredients for Ajrakh are all derived from nature, be it herbs, vegetable essence or natural minerals. Some of the common ingredients are wild indigo, pomegranate bark and seeds, and harde. In the 16 step process, scrap iron, jaggery and tamarind are soaked in water for two weeks and then cooked over flame to create the black dye for Ajrakh. The natural dyes used in Ajrakh printing lends a unique characteristic to the fabric. During summers, it expands the pores of the fabric, making it easy for air to pass through. During winters, the pores of the fabric close, providing warmth.
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Indigo Ajrakh Mul Blouse Indigo Rain
Mustard Ajrakh Mul Blouse Midas Touch
Mustard Ajrakh Mul Blouse Golden Shower
Blue Ajrakh Mul Blouse Indigo Magic
Blue Ajrakh Mul Blouse Sindh Magic
Red Ajrakh Mul Blouse Sindh Love