For Those Who Believe Handwoven Sarees Should Be Shopped The Traditional way.

We understand for many, saree shopping is not about buying the saree. It's an experience... Touching the fabric, examining it in the light, feeling the texture, placing it on your shoulder, looking in the mirror, taking his opinion, rejecting it and walking out of the store with the purchase with a smile !

That is why we have graduated from being just an online store to a unique offline store!

Tucked away under the shade of huge trees at Shankaraa foundation, is our very first experience store, where time stops still while you shop. 

Because we also know our handwoven sarees are not just six yards of fabric - They are stories to be narrated and cherished !

Come, Visit Us Soon @

Ragi To Raga, Shankaraa Foundation, Doddakalsandra, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru - 560062
(Near Doddakalsandra Metro Station)